Club Deportivo Los Millonarios

Club Deportivo Los Millonarios

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Football club infobox
clubname = Millonarios

fullname = Club Deportivo Los Millonarios
nickname = "Los Embajadores (The Ambassadors), El Ballet Azul (The Blue Ballet),
"Los Albiazules (The White Blues), Millos"
founded = In 1937 as Juventud Bogotana.
Since June 18, 1946
is Club Deportivo Los Millonarios
ground = Nemesio Camacho ("El Campín")
Bogotá, Colombia
capacity = 48.600| chairman = Juan Carlos López
manager =
league = FPC - Mustang Cup
season = 2007 - II
position = 11º

Club Deportivo Los Millonarios, is a Colombian football team, based in Bogotá. As of 2007, Millonarios is the team which has won the most Fútbol Profesional Colombiano championships, 13 in total, although they haven't won this tournament since 1988. They are also the third Colombian team to achieve a major international title, the Copa Merconorte in 2001. The team was initially created in 1937 by students from 2 schools in the city of Bogotá: "Colegio San Bartolomé" and "Instituto La Salle". Millonarios, as the team it is now, was officially founded in June 18th, 1946, thanks to the efforts of Alfonso Senior Quevedo, Millonarios first chairman. From the beginning of the Colombian Soccer Tournament, Millos won many domestic tournaments.


Throughout its history, Millonarios has had famous players, including: Juan Gilberto Funes, "El Búfalo", Willington Ortiz, Arnoldo Iguarán, Daniel "Tito" Onega, Fernando Areán, Carlos Valderrama, Carlos Ángel López, Alfredo Castillo, Sergio Goycochea, Delio "Maravilla" Gamboa, Miguel Angel Converti, Jaime Morón, Amadeo Carrizo, Alejandro Brand, Mario Vanemerak, and Pedro Alberto Vivalda. Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama was actually expelled from Millonarios as the Coach and Board of Directors thought he was not good enough for football.

During the 2000s, Millonarios has endured a financial crisis in the wake of the death of Rodriguez Gacha who was killed by the Colombian National Police. The club had two of their worst crises in 2 seasons: In 2002 the club had their worst financial situation, to the point that many people feared the possibility of Millos coming to an end. After a decent 2003 performance, chaos reappeared in later 2004 (while playing the "Copa Mustang II"), when Millos had their worst league campaign, finishing second from bottom. Millos also played in the Copa Sudamericana 2004, where they were knocked out by Atlético Junior in the preliminary phase.

From this point, Millonarios began a slow process to recover their former glory, managing to get again into the cup's group stage in 2006, something they didn't do at the previous tournament. Millos had further improvement when former Manchester City F.C. assistant manager Juan Carlos Osorio was appointed as the new Millonarios' Manager, which led the club to 3rd position in the League Stage of the Mustang Cup, and 5th in the addition of all the year's performance, taking Millos again into the Copa Sudamericana, while the financial situation of the team also had a notable recovery. In July 2007, Osorio left Millonarios to manage Major League Soccer side Chicago Fire, and he was replaced with Martín Lasarte; after a brief, but very unsuccessful period with Lasarte, Millonarios then hired Argentinian Mario Vanemerak as their new manager. Under Vanemerak, Millonarios began to shine again, most notably in the Copa Sudamericana 2007, where they eliminated several powerful teams, most notably Brazilian champions São Paulo FC in the quarter-finals, thanks to two goals from Ricardo Ciciliano. As of October 25, 2007, Millonarios has qualified for the Copa Sudamericana semi-finals, although they had a less impressive performance in the Colombian "Copa Mustang II 2007" so far (their current league position is 13th). The club currently is involved in a bankruptucy process that promises to cancel the team's debts and start a new chapter in Colombian football.

Current Squad 2008

"As of october 4, 2008."

First team players

Youth team players

Transfers 2008


FPC II (January 2008)

* Luis Alfonso Páez signed from Atlético Bello"'

FPC I (July 2008)

* Mauricio Casierra signed from Once Caldas
* Javier Araújo signed from Once Caldas
* José Mera signed from Caracas F.C.
* Miguel Rojas signed from Once Caldas
* Milton Rodríguez signed from Deportivo Cali
* Iván Hurtado signed from Barcelona SC
* Oscar Córdoba signed from Deportivo Cali
* Mauricio Mendoza signed from Independiente Medellin
* Anuar Guerrero signed from Chicó F.C.
* Luis Tejada signed from América de Cali
* Jimmy Asprilla signed Once Caldas
* Denilson Santos Rodrigues signed Portugal FC
* Helio Paes Pereira Junior signed Portugal FC

Coaching and Medical Staff


Millonarios plays their home games at the Estadio El Campín, a stadium shared with local rivals Independiente Santa Fe. In 2005, Millonarios intended to build their own Stadium at the outskirts of Bogota, an initiative which was later dropped due to the club's bad financial situation at that moment. El Campin has a capacity of 42,000, although the stadium has been known to hold over 47,000 on important matches.


Millonarios has forged many rivalries with several teams from the Mustang Cup, most notably with local rivals Santa Fe, in fact, the match between both teams is called "El Clásico Capitalino"; there are also strong rivalries with other teams like Atlético Nacional which has won 10 local and international titles in the last 20 years while Millonarios has only won a Copa Merconorte , Deportivo Cali and América de Cali.


National honours

*Fútbol Profesional Colombiano
**Winners (13): 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1972, 1978, 1987, 1988
**Runners up (9): 1950, 1956, 1958, 1967, 1973, 1975, 1984, 1994, 1995/1996
*Copa Colombia
**Winners (2): 1952/1953, 1962/1963
**Runners up (1): 1951/1952

International honours

*Pequeña Copa del Mundo de Clubes
**Winners (1):1953
**Runners up (1):1952

*Copa Merconorte
**Winners (1): 2001
**Runners up (1): 2000

*Copa Simón Bolívar
**Winners (1): 1972

Performance in CONMEBOL competitions

*Copa Libertadores: 14 appearances::Best: Semi-Final in 1960, 1973, 1974 - Quarterfinal in 1989, 1995
*Copa Sudamericana: 2 appearances::2004: Preliminary Round::2007: Semi-Final
*Copa Merconorte: 4 appearances::1998: Semi-Final::1999: Group Stage::2000: "Finalist"::2001: Champion

Notable Players

*flagicon|COL Francisco Zuluaga "(Cobo)"
*flagicon|COL Gabriel Ochoa Uribe
*flagicon|COL Julio Aragón "(Chinola)"
*flagicon|COL Luis Alberto Rubio "(Mono)"
*flagicon|COL Marino Klinger
*flagicon|COL Alberto Valencia "(Cóndor)"
*flagicon|COL Ricardo Díaz "(El Pibe)"
*flagicon|COL Carlos Arango
*flagicon|COL Senén Mosquera
*flagicon|COL Delio Gamboa "(Maravilla)"
*flagicon|COL Jorge Ramírez Gallego
*flagicon|COL Finot Castaño
*flagicon|COL Jaime González "(Charol)"
*flagicon|COL Efraín Sánchez "(Caimán)"
*flagicon|COL Gonzalo Guzmán "(Garrincha)"
*flagicon|COL Fernando Castro "(Bombillo)"
*flagicon|COL Gabriel Hernández
*flagicon|COL Otoniel Quintana
*flagicon|COL Hernán Aceros "(Cuca)"
*flagicon|COL Julio Edgar Gaviria Jr. "(Chonto)"
*flagicon|COL Francisco García "(Pacho)"
*flagicon|COL Alejandro Brand "(El Maestro)"
*flagicon|COL Héctor Javier Céspedes
*flagicon|COL Jesús Rubio " (Toto)"
*flagicon|COL Hermenegildo Segrera
*flagicon|COL Euclides González "(Tizón)"
*flagicon|COL Jaime Morón
*flagicon|COL Joaquín González "(Pelé)"
*flagicon|COL Willington Ortiz "(Viejo Willi)"
*flagicon|COL Eladio Vásquez
*flagicon|COL Arturo Segovia (c)
*flagicon|COL Alfredo Arango
*flagicon|COL Luis Eduardo Soto "(El Camello)"
*flagicon|COL Juanito Moreno
*flagicon|COL Jaime Rodríguez "(El Flaco)"
*flagicon|COL Alonso López "(El Pocillo)"
*flagicon|COL Oscar Ortega
*flagicon|COL Roberto Riquelme
*flagicon|COL Carlos Rendón "(Pachamé)"
*flagicon|COL Mario Alejandro Gutiérrez
*flagicon|COL José Hernández "(Cheché)"
*flagicon|COL Germán Gutíerrez de Piñeres
*flagicon|COL Miguel Augusto Prince "(Nano)"
*flagicon|COL Eduardo Pimentel
*flagicon|COL Ernesto Díaz
*flagicon|COL Norberto Peluffo
*flagicon|COL Arnoldo Iguarán "(El Guajiro)"
*flagicon|COL Carlos Valderrama "(El Pibe)"
*flagicon|COL Luis Norberto Gil "(Huevito)"
*flagicon|COL Cerbeleón Cuesta
*flagicon|COL Rubén Darío Hernández
*flagicon|COL Hugo Galeano
*flagicon|COL René Higuita
*flagicon|COL Nilton Bernal
*flagicon|COL Hernando García "(Mico)"
*flagicon|COL Gabriel Jaime Gómez "(Barrabás)"
*flagicon|COL Carlos Enrique Estrada "(La Gambeta)"
*flagicon|COL Wilman Conde
*flagicon|COL Alberto Gamero
*flagicon|COL Omar Franco
*flagicon|COL Carlos Rendón "(El Sanjuanino)"
*flagicon|COL Óscar Cortés
*flagicon|COL Freddy León "(Muelas)"
*flagicon|COL John Jairo Díaz "(Pocillo)"
*flagicon|COL Ricardo Pérez "(El Gato)"
*flagicon|COL Oscar Córdoba
*flagicon|COL John Mario Ramírez
*flagicon|COL Bonner Mosquera "(c)"
*flagicon|COL Osman López "(Fosfórito)"
*flagicon|COL Edison Domínguez
*flagicon|COL Orlando Maturana "(Pony)"
*flagicon|COL Flaminio Rivas
*flagicon|COL Andrés Chitiva
*flagicon|COL Carlos Castro
*flagicon|COL Andrés Eduardo Pérez "(c)"
*flagicon|COL Rafael Robayo
*flagicon|COL Gerardo Bedoya "(c)"
*flagicon|COL Ricardo Ciciliano
*flagicon|COL Jonathan Estrada

*flagicon|ARG Alfredo Castillo
*flagicon|ARG Pedro Cabillón
*flagicon|ARG Tomás Aves
*flagicon|ARG Adolfo Pedernera "(El Maestro)" "(c)"
*flagicon|ARG Alfredo Di Stéfano ("La Saeta Rubia")
*flagicon|ARG Néstor Raúl Rossi "(Pipo)"
*flagicon|ARG Julio Cozzi
*flagicon|ARG Raúl Pini
*flagicon|ARG Antonio Báez "(Maestrico)"
*flagicon|ARG Hugo Reyes
*flagicon|ARG Reinaldo Mourín
*flagicon|ARG Orlando Larraz
*flagicon|ARG Oscar Villano
*flagicon|ARG Fernando Areán "(Nene)"
*flagicon|ARG José María Ferrero
*flagicon|ARG Amadeo Carrizo
*flagicon|ARG Néstor Gilberto Subiat
*flagicon|ARG Eduardo Andrés Maglioni
*flagicon|ARG Miguel Angel Converti "(Ringo)"
*flagicon|ARG Jorge Abraham Amado "(El Turco)"
*flagicon|ARG Carlos Alberto Dellasavia
*flagicon|ARG Juan José Irigoyen "(Buho)"
*flagicon|ARG Luis Gerónimo López
*flagicon|ARG Daniel Onega "(Tito)"
*flagicon|ARG Juan Antonio Gómez Voglino
*flagicon|ARG Raúl Navarro
*flagicon|ARG Alejandro Esteban Barberón
*flagicon|ARG José Daniel Van Tuyne
*flagicon|ARG Alberto Pedro Vivalda
*flagicon|ARG Carlos Angel López
*flagicon|ARG Silvano Espíndola
*flagicon|ARG Juan Gilberto Funes "(El Búfalo)"
*flagicon|ARG Marcelo Trobbiani
*flagicon|ARG Oscar Juárez "(Pájaro)"
*flagicon|ARG Juan Carlos Díaz "(Nene)"
*flagicon|ARG Rubén Oswaldo Cousillas
*flagicon|ARG Mario Vanemerak "(c)"
*flagicon|ARG Mario Hernán Videla "(Panza)"
*flagicon|ARG Sergio Goycochea
*flagicon|ARG Ricardo Lunari

*flagicon|BRA José Romeiro
*flagicon|BRA Silvio Farías
*flagicon|BRA Waldemar Rodríguez "(Orecco)"
*flagicon|BRA Nivaldo Peixoto
*flagicon|BRA Eduardo Texeira Lima "(Maravillita)"
*flagicon|BRA Eduardo Guillio
*flagicon|BRA Walter Moraes "Waltinho"
*flagicon|BRA Valdomiro Vaz Franco
*flagicon|BRA Mario de Queiroz
*flagicon|BRA Marcio Rodríguez Cruz

*flagicon|URU Alcides Aguilera
*flagicon|URU Julio Avelino Comesaña
*flagicon|URU Atilio Ancheta
*flagicon|URU Wilmar Cabrera
*flagicon|URU Peter Méndez
*flagicon|URU Héctor Burguez

*flagicon|PAR Julio César Ramírez
*flagicon|PAR Pablo Centurión
*flagicon|PAR Apolinar Paniagua
*flagicon|PAR Julio Gómez

*flagicon|PER Alfredo Mosquera
*flagicon|PER Ismael Soria

*flagicon|ECU Pedro Gando
*flagicon|ECU Iván Hurtado

*flagicon|VEN Stalin Rivas
*flagicon|VEN Rafael Dudamel

*flagicon|SER Dragoslav Šekularac

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